Hey Guys Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter!

● Just Reblog with a character Ref (preferably a screenshot ig) and your username for a free chibi (shoulder up not full, Takes way to long to draw full if I’m doing alot.)

● I will be drawing rabbit ears on all of them since this is an Easter give away.

● I will stop the giveaway 12 AM EST. (Im not sure when I will get them all done so do not rush me thanks!)

Heres some Examples: ( Shoulder up only.)



Happy Easter Everyone!

eleganthope sent:

I like the music you have. :3

Thanks friend!



Alrighty guys!
I have no net at home, and I am bored out of my mind! So I am asking for refs of characters, they do NOT have to be mabi related.

Have a favorite OC with little to no art of? post it!
Have a new adopt you just adore? post it!
Have a mabi outfit that you just dream you could own…

Happy Easter Friend!